Body Waxing

  • Brazilian


    We go from the front, all the way to the back. You can leave a
    triangle on the front or you can take all of them. Choose your style!

  • Bikini


    Waxing hair removal on the sides and top of the bikini line.

  • Full leg


    Waxing hair removal on both the upper and lower leg.

  • Half leg


    Waxing hair removal of either the lower knee or the upper knee of both legs.

  • Full arm


    Waxing hair removal from finger to shoulder on both arms

  • Half arm


    Waxing hair removal from finger to elbow or from elbow to shoulder.

  • Underarm


    Waxing hair removal on both underarm. Keeps your underarm hairless for a few weeks.

  • Back


    Waxing hair removal from shoulder to lower back on your back.

  • Belly


    Waxing hair removal on belly.

  • Chest


    Waxing hair removal on the chest. Treatment is for the upper torso area only.

  • Neck


    Waxing hair removal on your neck. It's nice to have a smooth hairless neck if you have a short hair or you often tie up your hair.

  • Finger

    ¥150 each

    Waxing hair removal of your finger hair. Any finger hair of hands or finer hair of foot ¥150 each

  • Landing strip


    Nice to make a landing strip shaping when you want to look sexy.

  • Heart shaping


    If you want to try a new style, I recommend you to have a heart shaping. It's cute!

  • Under navel


    Waxing hair removal of hair under navel

Facial Waxing

  • Eyebrow


    Eyebrow waxing makes you look perfect.

  • Upper lip


    Lip waxing is quick and keeps your upper lip smooth and hairless for weeks.

  • Chin


    Waxing hair removal on your chin.

  • Forehead


    Waxing hair removal on your forehead.

  • Sideburns


    Waxing hair removal on your sideburns.

  • Nose hair


    Waxing hair removal inside your nose

Waxing Package

  • Brazilian + Full leg


    WAXING PACKAGE: Brazilian + Full leg

  • Brazilian + Half leg


    WAXING PACKAGE: Brazilian + Half leg

  • Bikini + Full leg


    WAXING PACKAGE: Bikini + Full leg

  • Bikini + Half leg


    ビキニワックス + 2/1脚のワックス脱毛セット。(ペーパーショーツをはいていただきパンツからはみ出る部分と、ひざ上またはひざ下)

  • Brazilian + Underarm


    WAXING PACKAGE: Brazilian + Underarm

  • Back + Neck


    WAXING PACKAGE: Back + Neck

  • Eyebrow + Upper lip


    WAXING PACKAGE: Eyebrow + Upper lip

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